Friday, October 1, 2010

For the Love of Lists: My sister said so

Earlier this week my little sis did a blog post listing 7 bad habits she's changed because of the advice I've given her.

As usual her writing leaves me in awe.  She has a way of writing that just draws me in.  I hope you find something in one of her tips that you can try this weekend!


1.      1. Supposedly “healthy” cereals (ahem, SPECIAL K!) have as much sugar as your childhood favorites.  Check out the box labels for yourself and go granola.

2.    2. Superfoods” really do exist! (Google it.)  Quinoa is my new best friend and should be yours too!

3.        3. Organic does not have be a dirty word that refers to your hated freshmen college chemistry class.  Pesticides are a reality in this day and age, and you can reduce your risk of cancer and other health concerns by replacing the “dirty dozen” with organic options.

4.     4. Full-fat foods are your friend.  Greek yogurt, wholesome cheeses and other full-fat options help curb cravings and fill you up faster.

        5. Crowding in good stuff really does crowd out the bad!  Eating greens before a meal has actually helped me eat less of the other stuff and more of the leafy green, nutritious goodness.  Try it!

   6. Bare with me here…if my Texas-born and bred husband can grasp it, so can you!  Meat is NOT a requirement to make a “meal” a “meal”.  God gave us plenty of protein-rich foods that still feed your muscles and keep you free of dangerous hormones.  Yay for spinach, quinoa, black beans and other protein- and fiber-rich foods.

7.          7. If your body doesn’t like it, it will tell you.  Listen to your body and observe how you feel after high-fat, high-sugar meals versus nutritious, live-giving meals.  I’ll be willing to bet you feel like conquering the world after quinoa, black beans and a life-giving salad versus the malaise and sluggishness you feel after a hamburger, french fries and a soda.

Listen to your body!  It is on your team. It is THE team!

Kayla's full post is here.


Here's to a healthy, wonderful you!
Have a great weekend,



katy said...

Re: No. 6 --
Last week I packed my son's lunch box for school (which I do every morning), with the following items: baby carrots, grapes, a banana, and string cheese. My husband walked by, took one look, and said the words "Is there, like, any FOOD in that lunch box?"

Whaa??? Since when are those items not considered food? So then we had a little moment about the necessity of meat (which I love just as much as the next starving carnivore, thank you very much.)

I'm happy to report that my child did not keel over and die from having one lunch that didn't contain meat. Just in case you were worried.

The end.

Handmade Hobbies said...

I love `Listen to your body! It is on your team. It is THE team!`
I think I shall try this week to make it my new mantra!

E. Charlotte said...

Very good advice! I love: "Listen to your body! It is on your team. It is THE team!"

People forget that health is wealth! It is so very important! :)

libraryguyzack said...

I married a vegetarian and thus eat far less meat than I did before.

Don't get me wrong, I have the occasional steak and tend to order meat dishes when we go out to eat, but am finding that my body is a lot happier now that I've cut out eating it with every meal.

And yes, Quinoa should be a staple in every pantry.

Kelley said...

great advise!! a lot of times life gets so busy and hectic that we forget to slow down and listen to our bodies. when we are fueled with the right food, nothing can stop us from feeling great and enjoying life.

Smoochgirl said...

those are, like, part of my 10 commandments for life. add avocado to #4! and, although we're veg in my family and my hubby doesn't eat meat, he still refers to salads as "girl food." i'm still working on him. :)

liveloveyoga said...

anything in a box should not be labeled "natural or healthy." It should be understood as "I'll taste good and last a long time so question my ingredients fast!"

glassplantstudio said...

If you love black beans and quinoa, this recipe is for you! I first found it on "Life is a Canvas" blog and tried it at home. It was so yummy! Make a large batch and have it for lunch, too. (the pic on the website does not do this flavorful and easy dish justice btw)

Great post! Thank you for all the good tips and positivity!