Friday, October 8, 2010

For The Love of Lists: Someday, but for now.

I started thinking of this mid week and Ned was super helpful as I made notes in my journal.  We're both pretty sure those book mark things are there for him to play with. 

Someday I will have a bath tub where I can stretch out my legs and have everything under water.  But for now I am grateful to have a bathtub at all.

Someday I will have a sheet set with all the matching pillow cases our 3 pillows each requires. 
But for now I am grateful to have a bed to sleep in and actual pillows when so many have so much less. 

Someday I will have lots of money to do good often with. 
But for now the power of listening and loving has been more than enough this week.

Someday I will travel to Ireland, Scotland and spend a hefty dose of time in England.
But for now tea with my English friend makes me deeply happy.

What's your someday?  What's your for now?
Wishing you a weekend full of more than enough.
Lots of love,


candice said...

Someday: my daughter will realize that she is beautiful all on her own
But for now: I will remind her everyday how perfect and flawless she is as she struggles with her reflection

Someday: my children will be grown with families of their own to raise
But for now: I will try to show them what family is all about. The importance of love and family time over the importance of material things

Someday: Time will move slower as I grow older
So for Now: I will enjoy every spilled drink, every dirty diaper, every boo-boo that needs to be kissed and cherish every second that flies too quickly

Tammie said...

Someday, I will go with you to Ireland, Scotland, and England. (Maybe we can get a group rate.) But for now, I will make some scones & eat them while they are warm.
Someday, Bryce will be independent, and I will stop worrying about him as much as any mother ever does stop worrying about her kids. But for now, I will make sure, no matter what, that he has the tools necessary to get him there, and continue teaching him. Even when he does not want to learn.

Mary said...

Someday, I will know how to cook so well that everyone will hope that "Mary" is doing the cooking. But for now, I will continue to learn and use the recipes that sound good.

Someday, I will travel at will. I will experience not just other cultures but be able to go events that are "once in a lifetime" for most (ie.. the Superbowl). But for now, I will continue to make a list of those places and things that I want to see.

Someday, I will make other people's dreams come true by having the right resources available for them. For now, I will continue to encourage others to follow their dreams.

Lauren said...

Awesome list! Gratitude is such a rare and beautiful thing :)

E. Charlotte said...

(First of all, the picture is so cute!)

As for me? Someday I will fall in love again and it will be divine. :) But for now, I will take the time to re-learn me, and truly love myself. (And be a better person for it.)

Someday I will own my own home, but for now I will enjoy the unique experience that has been Renting with my sister! At least if it breaks I don't have to be the one to fix it! :)

Someday I'll live out of the city, with enough land to run around with my arms a flailin'. But for now, I'll do the best I can in my humble front yard. (Arms still flailing) amongst the pretty leaves (and curious neighbors).

Hope your weekend was splendid!

glassplantstudio said...

Loved this post. Love all your posts! I was mid post myself when I decided to take a break and check out your blog. Your "Someday, but for now" fit perfectly with what one thing I was grappling with:

Thank for another great outlook! I will apply this simple little act of gratitude to more things!