Friday, December 31, 2010

2011. I see you over there!

I am so looking forward to a brand new year!   Any other time of year I'd say change is hard but on the 1st it always feels like a gift.  It feels completely exciting and the dress I have for the NYE party tonight at Breathe makes me completely happy.
I've made three little goals for myself for 2011. And it should be noted that since 2 of the 3 involved my love, he's on board too. ;)

So what about you? What's on your goal list for 2011?! I'd love to hear what the year holds for you!

xoxo for that last time in 2010!
Happy New Year's Eve!

p.s. Nadia sold an Arnica balm yesterday at Breathe when I was at lunch and when she told me you would have thought she bought me a new car.  Feels good.  Feels so good to see these little lovlies go out into the world.  Whoever you are, I hope you love your arnica balm and thank you! 


spindelmaker said...

I never make resolutions for new year. But I really like yours. Especially the first one. I´m sure I can get Axel on board on that one ;-)
If I were to have any resolutions though, it might have to be spending a little more time with my friends. It´s too easy just talking on the phone, instead of visiting. Sometimes it´s good just being together. Yeah. I think I´ll take that one.

E. Charlotte said...

I love New Year's Eve. Like you said, the first day of the year seems like a wonderful gift and I am always excited to make the best of it. I have a few resolutions and wishes this year, and a lot of them have to do with molding myself. It's time to make some realistic changes so that my little self can go out and more successfully help others in a big big way. Cheers to 2011!

Tammie said...

I have no resolutions. New year's Day was about my Daddy's birthday growing up. I do always make it a point to kiss James hello, goodbye, and goodnight. (He even gets the sad face from me if he leaves while I am still in bed, and I don't remember him kissing me before he left:o) I have had a feeling lately that something really good is approaching! They will love their balm, and tell everyone they know!

Kier's Serendipity said...

I love these 3 things!

Kelley said...

love your list!! this year i will keep following my heart and spending loads of time with those i love!!
i love that you are taking sundays off and completely away from the tech world.

mle jean said...

GOOD goals!! I also vow to do yoga 3x a week, ride my bike more and I'm liking your 'turn off sundays'. I might try to incorperate that in some way. :)