Friday, December 3, 2010

For The Love of Lists: For you, for Christmas.

If I could give the world Christmas presents I'd give:

1. Giant bubble blowers and hot chocolate stands (with real whipped cream of course) on street corners.

2. Free movie tickets because when times get tough, like they've been for so many of us this year, there's no better escape to get your mind off your woes.

3. A little peace and quiet... less noise in the cities and maybe even a ban on those obnoxious leaf blowers.  You know all you're doing is blowing them around, right!

4.  As one of my fave Curly Girl holiday cards reads, "joy in every heart and a mitten on every hand."  It's not too much to ask.

5.  A little fur face that would burst your heart wide open and smooth the rough edges of life.

6.  No bill days, when you open your mail box and all you've got are brightly colored envelopes filled with notes of love.

7.  I'd replace the Sunday blues feeling with the exhilarating feeling of swinging as high as you can on playground swings... you remember when you thought you'd go so high you'd just fly right out!

8.  I'd make all highly processed terrible-for-you food products (fake foods, fast foods and the like) taste like dirt and worms and slime so you'd stop eating them.  It might not sound like a gift but I promise it totally is. 

9.  Happiness. Plain and simple. Good old fashioned. 100% pure--- happiness.  

10.   _____________. This one is for you to fill out... what would you give?

Have a wonderful weekend!
So much love, so much!


E. Charlotte said...

Love your list!! What great ideas to make this world spin a little smoother. Number 10? I'd give everyone a mirror so they could see themselves and how amazing they were. Confidence breeds so much. If everyone saw who they really were, and how much they could really do, all of the other things on the list may come true. :)

Summer Says... said...

I'd give the gift of realistic expectations...I think we all put way too much pressure on ourselves to meet these super high standards of beauty, success, wealth, timelines, etc and it's impossible to meet them all. What a relief it would be to think everything is okay just the way it is.

Tammie said...

If I could do anything, I would give everyone a safe & secure home, that is suited to their needs. (Not necessarily their wants.)

CurlyGirl said...

I love #1 - bubble blowers and hot chocolate stands on every corner? How amazingly wonderful!!

And thinking of a mailbox full of letters and cards from friends makes me want to go home and send some cards... :)

Auntie Mary said...

I would give everyone the ability to see their purpose and value on earth. We could all then have one big project planning meeting to map out who should be doing what in life. LOL

Kelley said...

LOVE!!!! and lots of it!!!! love, warm hugs and smiles. oh, how we need more love, hugs and smiles in our world!!!!

spindelmaker said...

I would like to give everyone a bit of warmth. Both literarily and metaphorically :-)

liveloveyoga said...

candles.. so we could turn off all the man made lights and watch the flames flicker while sipping the hot chocolate you've given :) BTW, I've given you a 'cherry on top' award to pick up at my blog if you're up for it!

Kier's Serendipity said...

I would give people the ability to think of others before themselves. I'm guilty about it, but it would be nice for a little consideration every now and then.