Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peppermint Felt Garland Tutorial

Hello hello everyone!  

We got two perfect little trees for our place over the weekend.  For the bigger tree (4 whole feet) I made a little peppermint felt garland and thought I'd share it with you in a tutorial!  If you ask me it makes the whole tree happy! 

I used burlap coffee bags that Mema sent me as a tree skirt. 

Happy crafting!

You can see the full set here.


Vic said...

awesome:) i love the smell of peppermint! happy holidays...ur tree is just perfect:)

spindelmaker said...

You should spray it with peppermint perfume! If there is such a thing :-) It looks lovely, Lacy! Fun & funky!

Tammie said...

That is SO CUTE!!!! I bet those would have been a hit at the Nutcracker Market!

michelle allen said...

LOVE this!!!! i'm so going to do it! thanks Lacy :)

Auntie Mary said...

I love this too!!!

mle jean said...

very cute, I love that chunky swirl look! great idea.

LeAnne said...