Monday, December 6, 2010


If I could choose a talent, I'd sing.  I'd play piano and I'd sing.  And sing. And sing. And I'd write lyrics like this that make people say
--- yeap. me too.
I've got ideas that might make the paper some day.
I've got folded up maps showing where I'm gonna be.
I've got dreams that could sail a boat to the east.
And pages and pages and pages of drawings... 
yeap. me too.

amy seeley // live from her living room from stillmotion on Vimeo.
If they were up for picking in the picking line... what talent would be yours?
Hello brand new week.  
Hello Friends!
Double x Double O


spindelmaker said...

Well, I wouldn´t mind being able to play the piano either. I can sing, and it would be so great to be able to be a one-women-musical show all on my own. On the other hand, it´s nice to make music with other too. My very favorite instrument would be playing the standing bass. That is THE coolest instrument ever!
On the other hand, if anything was up for grabs, maybe I should wish for something a bit more useful. like a strong back and the ability to think before I speak....

Kelley said...

wow thats a tough one!!! i think i would really just like to be totally 100% in love with the work i do each day. but it sure would be nice to have the drive of an olympic athlete and be in incredible shape!!!

Vic said...

singing is amazing even if you don't sound good....i still sing...everywhere!:) i try to instill it in my far the little one sings her heart out :) sing baby sing!!!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I have a small fascination with playing the slide guitar. I don't need to sing, but being in a band and playing the slide guitar would be cool.

Auntie Mary said...

I would pick the ability of making everyone feel completely special and loved when they spoke to me. Have you ever met someone that always makes you feel so special when you talk to them? That's the gift that I would like to have.

Tammie said...

I sing a lot! (Nobody wants to listen to me, but still I sing!) I suppose it would be nice to a an amazing voice. I think that I would rather be one of those people who has the ability to write music. (It must be great to create music in your head!) I guess that is why I like to bake and cook. It is how I create something good to send out to the world.