Thursday, January 13, 2011


And I totally agree.
Though I respectfully say screw 5 years from now, let's just be happy
N O W.

Hope this finds you happy today.


E. Charlotte said...

I wish that was everyone's New Years resolution this year: happiness. Giving it to others, embracing it for ourselves, living out these days with smiles on our faces. :) I like your comment on this post, screw 5 years from now! Happiness starts now! :D

spindelmaker said...

Great quote.
Great conclusion.

Maura Hughes said...

this pic is the background on my computer and I swear it always makes me smile!

Auntie Mary said...

I found some happiness today. I started using my tangerine Lip Service and it is heavenly! Omg! I gave the peppermint to Kelley and told him that he has to use it. My lips were aching from the cold in Houston and now they feel great! I'm really glad that I ordered more than 1. I didn't have anyplace to give my feedback. Hope you don't mind me doing it on this post. :-)

Tammie said...

With the exception of when I am not feeling well, I am happy! May the happiness you wish for others also envelop you, along with all that you need, and much of what you want.