Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's not just about peas and carrots.

I heard myself say out loud this week... "it's not just about peas and carrots" when I was talking with a health coaching client about her goals.  I've been smiling inside about it ever since.  It's so true you know...  Food is the thing we change but in the midst of it the whole wide world opens up to possibility.  

If you've been feeling like you want to make a change with food, invite abundance and possibility into your life my 6 month health coaching program may be just what you've been searching for.  Somehow the exact right person always finds me, or I find them. 

And aside from shamless plugs and self promotion.  How's the new year going for you?  Have your resolutions stayed with you?  Is the year what you thought it would be so far?  

Wishing you a year of all things good!


Tammie said...
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Tammie said...

I did not make any resolutions, so that is going pretty well! ;oD (Had to try again. I hate typos.)

Auntie Mary said...

Keep on shamelessly pluggin away! I received my products today and I love them already!!! I can't decide which Lip Service to use first. The packaging is so darn cute! Love it all!

BTW - how appropriate is it that my word verification is prespeas. Now that's funny!