Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the shopping begin!

The lacylike store is up and ready for you!  Thank you ever so kindly for your patience while we opened Breathe!  I have adorable little bins of product, stacks of boxes, labels and pre-sewn bags just waiting to find its way to your house!   

You can look forward to your order arriving in ultra cute packaging either sewn into a brown sack (very green of me wouldn't you say) or

 tied up neatly in a my mamma made it lacylike bag!

The idea for the paper bags first came from another blogger (I wish I could remember where so I could credit her properly, I did a search and found loads of blogs that talk about doing the same thing but couldn't find the orig one where I saw it). I've been wanting to put it to good use and I am thrilled that now I have a very good reason to!

Happy shopping!  I hope you find something you love and thanks for your support!
The direct link is

good smelling love!


E. Charlotte said...

I LOVE your packaging! I was so thrilled when my order arrived. What a great idea with those sewn bags! :) My two recipients: Mom and Sister, were THRILLED! And better yet? They adore the product too! You rock! :)

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

Love it sister!!! Congrats! I know how proud you are of this and how hard you have worked. Missing you.

P.S. Espana is exactly as I remembered...AMAZING!

Tammie said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray for the official opening!! (You've been busy with those recently!) The packaging is almost as cute as the labels, and compliments them very well. I love the little bags too! You should make some of those little variety sets of mini soaps in a limited edition for Valentine's or Mother's day after you get your store off the ground.

kimi said...

i am so excited for you and breathe and this product line! i wish i lived closer so i could come do classes with you. you are a huge inspiration for drive and dedication!