Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The Grand Opening Weekend at Breathe was a HUGE success. I still can not believe the number of people who showed up in support and took not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 and 5 and 6 classes over the weekend!  I betcha they are working out super sore muscles this week! 

The display pieces for the jewelry case are not in yet so I created a make shift one out of card board and spray paint!  Not too shabby, eh!

You'll notice my very fave Pieces of a Girl front and center!

All weekend classes were jam packed.  I never in a million years thought we'd have to book people in the next class because classes were maxing out!  So exciting!  And what was even better--- people were so nice about it.  If we had to turn them away they said no prob and went to tea house and then came back to take the next class!  Love, yoga and tea are powerful things.

Rob and Anika in the Tea House with Coconut haystacks front and center.  

Karina and Anika prepping to make samples for when the classes get out.

Lama Ngawang has been working on this sand mandala of compassion since the 1st.  Today at 4 it will be destroyed to symbolize the impermanence of life and the sand will be given to those present. 

It's amazing to watch him work so diligently and with such a graceful intention.  He is an amazing sand painter.

Me on day 2.  
Puffy eyes, exhausted body but oh so grateful, running on love.

Day 3.  Cute hand me up dress from my gf Leigh.  Wet hair and a can do attitude.  
Back to the studio!

Yesterday Hingie followed me outside, sat on the sidewalk, watched me get in my car and just waited until I drove away.  It was really cute.  I am sure the cat party ensued once the car turned the corner.

And today this one is very glad that I am finally home for long enough to sit still so he can nap in his very favorite place while I work at the table.
Early lunch then headed back to the studio!
I am closing tonight and we are having our Women, Food and ... discussion group at Breathe tonight from 7-9.  You are welcome to join us if you live in the area!  Tonight we are talking about intentions for 2011.

Happy Tuesday!  This is Tuesday, right?


leigh said...

congrats Lace! it looks STUNNING!!! so do you..puffy and all! SO Glad you are giving new life to those clothes!! xoxo

spindelmaker said...

I´m so happy for you, that everything went well and beyond expectations! And I just have to tell you, tou look absolutely beautiful in the polka-dot-sweater-portrait!

Kier's Serendipity said...


Kayla Burns Floyd said...

I'm supposed to be helping Brian apartment shop online and not be on facebook and blogs (shhhhh), but I had to tell you how cute those teal shoes are! Adorable! Miss you! I am me here.

Auntie Mary said...

Gosh...this brought me to happy tears. I am so happy that the weekend was a success. I am so happy to see your happy attitude still intact. I so happy to see those adorable pictures of the kitties missing you. I am so happy to see such a cute comment from your sister. Love you

Tammie said...

It all looks so beautiful! I think I would have been a little sad to seen the beautiful sand art blown away even though it was not my work that went into it. I am so happy for you and all of your co-workers that it started off with such promise!!! I am sure you will all keep the momentum going!

Lizzy said...

love seeing pieces of a girl all blogged up-- and on my mama's birthday! thanks for posting, for loving, and for being magnificent you!

E. Charlotte said...

Sooooooo awesome!!! The place looks amazing and I am so happy the opening weekend went so well! (But are any of us really surprised? No!) :) Of course it went well!! I really wish I lived closer so I could come take a peak for myself! Keep having fun there and filling it with joy and love!

(And those teal shoes are super cool!)

Molly said...

WOW!!! Looks amazing and makes me wish I lived there so that could be hangout. Congratulations Lacy! Bask in the love. xoxo

Kristin said...

it looks so fantastic. You are involved in so many inspiring things. Congratulations!