Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's Real

What's real.  Right now.

1.  24 hours in a day feels very real right now.  Though sometimes lately it feels like I almost squeak out 25.

2.  Sitting on the couch of a girl friend talking and talking and seeing hours pass like minutes.  Thank you sweet friend!  Spending time near you always brings me back to myself in the best ways.  Walls down, heart open-- just plain goodness and perspective.  The world seems right side up today.
3.  Meditation every night with my love and getting into bed together.  There's nothing quite like that end of the day unwind and reconnect. 

4.  The magic of the Internet and finally, finally being able to talk to my sis in Spain through the computer. 

5.  My cousin, Derrick and his girlfriend, Jaymi had a baby and he's perfect and I feel old and nostalgic thinking about when Derrick was my sweet baby. 

6.  Speaking of old- I'll be 32 this month.  That feels really... good.  I love birthdays, especially mine and I love this process of life and how we mark it with age and how sometimes that means everything and others it doesn't mean squat.

7.  Sunday.  Silent Sunday.  Part of the year of Lighten means a Sunday unplug to recharge and there's nothing I look forward to more right now. 

8.  Lacylike herbal line orders.  They are really coming in and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your support.  Your feedback via email has been amazing and I am so appreciative (feel free to leave remarks on this post too).  Sewing lip balms into paper bags and packing up boxes with little love notes has become a delightful little ritual around here.  Things went so well with the roll out I will be bringing you a few deals for Valentines Day very soon.

9.   This amazing California day.  It's 71 degrees and sunny today.  It's perfect.

10. And of course.  Ned.  Ned is a constant source of reality in the best kinds of ways.  He reminds me to slow down, that meal times are exciting, that what goes out outside (we call it watching outside TV when they sit at the sliding door and watch the world) is very entertaining and that being held is always wonderful. 

I hope your weekend in progress is really wonderful!

p.s. thank YOU for being really beautiful, kind, thoughtful, terrific.  I mean it.  I got some really lovely emails this week that really touched me. So thank you.


spindelmaker said...

I´ve been thinking about you, Lacy. How your life must be very busy and very rewarding at the same time right now, with Breathe and your herbal line and life and everything else going on. I hope you are fine and that you really take the time to enjoy the hectic days.
Your friend, Janne

Tammie said...

I real-ly enjoy your posts, and you are real-ly not old at all! I am real-ly sure that your new line of herbal products will be super successful! And I real-ly love you!

Cate Levings said...

Always love your posts. I'm real-ly happy for you and your launchpad for success:) I hope to finally find real love this year...and I have a feeling it will be finally be with myself;) In the meantime, loving my family and friends. You mean the world to me Lace!