Friday, February 11, 2011

For the Love of Lists: Healthy, happy YOU!

 Cancer might as well be a 4 letter word.  It's diabolical. It's awful.  It has devastated people I love and continues to be a mighty problem in our world.  The following is information that I teach in my 6 month health coaching program.  Some of this info was taken from John's Hopkins, some from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (my awesome school) and most is common knowledge now a days.  Of course I've added my lacylike 2 cents on the matter.  I invite you to choose 1 or many things from the list to stop/ start or try! 

Here's to a healthy, happy YOU!  

What a person's immune system is strong cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors.  

When a person has cancer it indicates the person has nutritional deficiencies.  These could be due to genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors (duh). 

1.  AVOID- Sugar Substitutes.  You know those things in colorful little paper packets.   
Use honey to sweeten (local if you can get your hands on some)!  Also one of my faves is Agave.  

2.  Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in color.  
Go with Himalayan salt, it's pretty and pink!  Or Bragg's liquid aminos!  It's one of our household faves!

3.  MILK causes the body to produce mucus, cancer feeds on mucus.  Time to rethink drinking gallons of milk each week.  Moderation is a very good word and practice to get to know. 

4.  Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment.  A meat-based diet is acidic.  I'm not saying you have to go veggie (though it's pretty amazing, can you hear King Julian? ; ) but definitely cut down on your red meats.  Moderation again.  If you are going to eat meat absolutely avoid meat with growth hormones and antibiotics!  Meat protein can be difficult to digest and and requires a lot of digestive enzymes.  Undigested meat left in the intestines can lead to toxic build up.  Movement (yoga!) will help the digestive process.    

p.s. don't you love that this post came right after the Bacon- the candy of meats post. The balance of life is cool. 

5.  Skip the coffee and go for green tea.  It has cancer fighting properties, you still get a little boost from the caffeine and it's tasty.

6.  A happy mind, body and spirit is a great way to battle disease.  Create a life that makes you happy one little decision and action at a time.  Eliminate one stressful thing from your life today.  I'm planning to clean my closet this weekend.  I have this gift for piling up clothes and this morning I realized loud and clear it was making me a total grump.  Happy closet = happy Lacy!  

7.  Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.  BREATHE deeply.  Meditate.  Move your body! 

8.  This one is my favorite... it means getting organized in the kitchen and going through cabinets and getting organized makes me very happy.  

NO PLASTIC containers or plastic wrap in the microwave (if you must use the microwave keep plastic out of it).   Use tempered glass instead (Pyrex is my fave). If you are eating a microwave dinner remove it from it's packaging.  I know what the box says about piercing the plastic, blah blah blah- remove it!

NO water bottles in the freezer.  In fact if you can stand it throw out ALL your plastic water bottles.  Switch to a stainless bottle. Klean Kanteen is my fave. 

Which one will you choose to put into practice in your life?  Just typing this all out was a brilliant reminder for me and I think I'm finally ready to let go of my last plastic water bottle.  Sniffle sniffle I've been holding onto it for nostalgia. Time to move along!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  
Much love!  So much love!


Quiet Violet said...

Good post! Just a few things to point out:

Agave is highly processed, so I use it sparingly, too. Local h9oney can help with seasonal allergies, too! Stevia (NOT Splenda) is an EXCELLENT natural sweetener and it comes in powder form, liquid drops and little packets to take along, too. I keep a bunch in my purse and make my own lemonade when we eat out.

Bragg's is so close in chemical composition to MSG that I consider it about the same. It tastes good, (Bragg's), though... which is what MSG does, too (flavor enhancer). It effects me almost as badly as pure MSG does, so I stay away! MSG is terribly for your body!

Raw milks and cheese are A LOT better for us, since the pasteurization process of "normal" dairy kills of some of the enzymes that helps us break it down and assimilate the nutritional content. Raw dairy is super healthful, even though some people might still be sensitive to dairy over-all.

Meat that is feed-lot raised is HIGHLY acidic to our bodies. The close quarters, stress, diseases, antibiotics and the actual feed (mostly crappy GMO corn, soy and fillers, not to mention parts of other deceased animals). This is terrible for us to eat and leads to MANY modern day diseases. Grass fed/ pasture raised animals on the other hand are INSANELY better for us. They feed off of grass (alkalizing food!) and plants, (worms and bugs, too for the chickens!) and are free to roam about, see the sun, get fresh air, etc.. This lends to meat that is WAY better for our bodies, full of Omega-3s and brimming with vitamins. In fact, grass-fed beef contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a cancer PREVENTATIVE! Same goes for grass-fed dairy milk products, as well. If you want to go meat and dairy, go grass-fed!

I recommend reading the book called Real Food by Nina Planck.. it's a gem!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Auntie Mary said...

Good stuff, Lacy! We've moved away from table salt since my last visit. I would have to say that the artificial sweeteners are probably my next move. While I don't use them too often (maybe 4 to 5 times a week), it's time to give real sweeteners a shot. Thanks for the info!

CurlyGirl said...

Thanks for this list, Lacy! My dad died of cancer ten years ago tomorrow, and I used to joke that his Diet Coke habit is what killed him. (He used to drink at least one 20 oz bottle per day.) After a while, I stopped joking about it because I realized that it might be more true than I thought. I know that we can't always stop ourselves from getting sick, but it's great to see a list like this of some things that we can do to make our lives better. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Tammie said...

Well, I don't believe in sugar substitutes at all. God made a lot of sweet stuff. Why would I want something made in a lab? :oP
I have a variety of salts.
Never been a fan of milk, and my guys only want it when they have cereal. (Usually for a snack.)
I have never been a big fan of red meat, but I get a craving for it every now and then. (Since I'm the cook, they eat what I eat ;o) I do love seafood, and we eat quite a bit of chicken.
I think coffee is icky, but James drinks enough for everyone in our household. No changing that :o/
I am planning to bake this weekend! That relaxes me :o)
I don't have the patience for yoga, but I do exercise and breathe!
When I microwave, I use glass or ceramic containers, and I put wax paper on top of it if I need to 'seal' it to cook it.

Quiet Violet said...

That's an awesome tip, Tammie! I usually use a napkin or a paper towel in the microwave when I use it, but the waxed paper I hadn't even thought of!

Han said...

I gave up fizzy drinks a few weeks ago and although I was grouchy for the first few days and it's an effort to remember not to just reach for a can of cola. I do feel better - I've lost a little weight (I think it was mainly bloated-ness) and got more energy which was a funny one that I didn't expect. I got a fruit smoothie from the supermarket on Friday which was yummy and kinda worked in place of a bar of chocolate or something equally not so good lol.

mle jean said...

thank you, that is such a great post!

I haven't owned a microwave in years and I like to keep it that way. :)