Thursday, March 31, 2011

Archives. Color + Pug = all kinds of happy.

My gf is thinking about getting her son a pug.  I was digging through my computer fun files and ran across this image.  I saved it for the sheer color coordinating bliss which originally made me think of my bestie Rachel's color coordinated closet.  You also have to love those perfect turquoise vases on the side table but noticing there's a pug in it too... well it deserved a post.

The image came from the beautiful inter-web somewhere.  Probably We Heart It though I truly don't know. 

Wouldn't you love to get lost in this room for a few hours! 
I mean seriously the color is so great it's distracting. 

How was your Thursday?

xoxo lacy


Kayla Burns Floyd said...

I can't help but think of Burrito and the spirit of love, rescue and nurture in our family. We're good at that. I miss you so much today Lacy. It was a day not to be forgotten. I can't wait to share it with you...


Tammie said...

That is so funny! This week at Bryce's soccer practice, some of the parents were discussing names that suit pugs well. We came up with Frank, (as in MIB character) Pete, Mickey, Al, Shorty... Well, it was a consensus that any name that could have been used for a character in a 40's mobster movie or a farce was suitable. They just look like if they were people they would wear a fedora or a bowler hat.

Kelley said...

love love love this image!!!! oh i how i wish i had that many boods!!! beautiful and so inspiring. thanks for sharing

Kelley said...

books not boods!!! lol!!!