Friday, March 11, 2011

That old familiar feeling

is striking again.  

I want to travel.  Spain anyone? 

But if I am being honest Portland with one of my gal pals would do quite nicely.

I want a vacation.  

I want an umbrella drink.  I wouldn't argue with Maui.

I want bare feet, fairy wings and room to explore.  

Image via India and her awesome perspective

Sunday, I see you coming.  It's you, me, my love, my camera.... we've got a date with the open road.   We shall see where it takes us. 

Hey go out and have a weekend worth talking about!

Love and travels!


E. Charlotte said...

I've been itching to travel too! As the sun starts shining more often and the temps warm up here in MT, I'm getting restless. :)

Auntie Mary said...

I always want to travel...rain or shine. My ultimate life plan is to ge a whimsical world traveller!

Tammie said...

Have a fun time whatever you decide to do!

Kelley said...

oh my goodness!!! YES!!! a vacation sounds wonderful. some time away to sit relax and forget all the worries in life. have a spectacular weekend away=)

spindelmaker said...

ooo, not yet. But I´m holding my breath, in less than a month now, Portland and Artfest, here I come! My summer-holiday comes early, and I am SO much looking forward to it!

Kayla said...

Yes please. One Lacy in Spain. <3 Miss you.

Han said...

Come to England :D