Monday, March 21, 2011

This weeks focus

You have only 1 challenge, 1 thing to focus on this week... listen to your goosebumps!
Best. Advice. Ever. 

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from the latest O mag.

It's a rainy Monday morning here.  I'm sipping tea and eating nanner slices from my favorite bowl that I bought at TJ Maxx Home Goods.  I love to buy just one random thing there.  The rule is that I have to love it, it doesn't have to match it just has to make me deeply happy (as much as a thing can anyway).    

Did I mention the rain?  It feels like it's been raining forever.  I'm setting up for my calls with my gals today in my house shoes and robe.  It's going to be a great day.  

What's the world like for you today?

Follow your goosebumps!
With love,



Summer Says... said...

Such great advice! I'm a firm believer in following my gut. It's lead me right much more than wrong in my life.

And I just have to say, he is beautiful - love those soulful eyes.

liveloveyoga said...

I like that.. goosebumps.

Kelley said...

love this!!!! well, today is a good day and a nice to start to the week. hope spring starts to pop up for you in sunny cali!!!!

Tammie said...

I always follow my little voice. It has not turned out well in the past when I did not.

leigh said...

what do I do if that photo of him gave me goosebumps??? seriously. It did! He looks exactly like this painting of Jesus that used to me in our choir room at church. I remember thinking (totally inappropriate..even then...) "Man, Jesus is kind of hot."

anyway... good advice. hope the rain stops soon!

Auntie Mary said...

I cant say that anything ever gives me goosebumps except for the But, I most certainly get that feeling in my tummy when something's not right. Is that the same thing? Enjoyed the post and enjoyed the article.