Thursday, March 3, 2011

Truth over crepes.

Cliff was out of town in San Diego at a trade show for CliffTech most of this week and so I filled my free time with long periods of silence interspersed with girl friends, real and true.  

I had brunch with a girl friend and over crepes we discussed love and that inner compass that guides called truth, our personal truth.  It was a thoughtful and meaningful discussion on business and pleasure--- On living our bliss and doing it authentically.  It was tremendously affirming.

I had creative meeting with my little sister who is currently in Barcelona.  Discussing the book we're writing together and the landscape of our lives.  I can't help but think that the words would flow among the creations of Gaudi if only we could sit together in the sun for a little while and strum our keyboards together.  Sigh.

Might I suggest you spend some time over crepes with a kindred spirit?  I promise it will steer you right back to the heart.  Wishing you love, flowing creativity and abundance.



Auntie Mary said...

Lol...does it have to be over crepes? I don't like them. I actually have been trying to meet up with my kindred spirit but she's been too dang busy for me. Kindred spirits indeed. Still had some truthful moments though..,a new grandson definitely helps align some of that.

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

So funny that you wrote this sweet sister because there is the most delightful-looking crepe place at the end of my street that I have been meaning to try for the entire TWO MONTHS that we've been living here! Done and done. This weekend I'm going to take me (and probably Brian), my journal, my new fancy pen from Mireia, and I'm going to eat crepes while writing our book. :)

E. Charlotte said...

How wonderfully worded! It sounds like you have had a very nice week. You can't beat true friends, deep conversation and of course crepes. (Especially if they're stuffed with dark chocolate and strawberries...mmm)

Kelley said...

ahhhhhhh, sounds fabulously fabulous!!! i need more time in the day

Tammie said...

:o) I like mine with blueberries.