Friday, March 25, 2011

Watching, experiencing, feeling... living.

We watched the fighter and my heart broke again for the my family, the ones who have suffered at the hands of cruel and devastating drugs.  I will never be the same.  The movie was absolutely worth seeing.  It was absolutely Oscar worthy and I am in awe of those amazing performances.  Art. in. motion.  

I been watching the news, I never watch the news.  But I've been watching as the people of Japan cling together and hold each other close. As men carve chop sticks out of tree branches and smile with pleasure at their good work.  I watch as children play in the midst of disaster.  I watch even though I don't want to face the reality of it and my heart is with them. 

This week we went out with friends and inspired strangers.  We sang with the band.  We danced by our table.  We threw our hands in the air and celebrated that we are not alone.  That we have each other and how powerful love really is.  When the band packed up and called it a night two girls told me how much fun they had watching me have fun.  They said I reminded them of one of their favorite people.  I hugged them.  

It's been a good week. 

This weekend I am taking pictures, lots of them no matter what the weather.  It seems like it's been raining forever.

May you feel loved this weekend (and everyday).
May you never feel truly alone.
May you laugh every single day of your life.


Auntie Mary said...

We haven't seen The Fighter but it's next in our Netflix queue. Can't wait to see it.

I'm always baffled by natural disasters. Like everyone else I wonder why so many people have to die or get hurt but we shall never know those answers. I love how the human spirit can overcome such devastation.

I would have had fun watching you have fun, too! You are fun! I hope you take lots of pictures...especially the kind that you like and makes you happy. I'm hoping to find a "subject" this weekend..probably be family but I need more practice.

Hope you have great weekend!

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

Oh sister, you have me in tears on this one. You are most certainly not alone. And I feel for you right now watching all that beautiful pain on palpable. I take for granted the hurt going on all over right now...Japan, Libya...we don't really watch TV here and it's funny how easily you can forget what's going on out there in that big world.

I've probably already told you this but my friend Mireia told me about another Spanish saying that I now love even more than "no pasa nada". It's "estamos vivos, celebramos" which means "We're alive. Let's celebrate."

So here's to you being alive, even though you're so very far away. And here's to you celebrating with hands flung high and smile stretched wide.

I love you. Te quiero.


Tammie said...

I can't watch too much of the news when bad things are happening. People tell me to let it go. "You can't take on other people's problems." The thing is that I get overwhelmed with the problems of other people. When I was working for a temporary staffing service, I had a dream that one of the patients at a long term care facility I was filling in at had a massive stroke and died. (I felt it. It was quick and only hurt for a second or two.) The next time I was there he was gone, and I asked about him, but they could not tell me anything. (HIPPA rules) I could tell that I had spooked the person I asked though. (I told her the whole story.) I feel too much when I know or see too much. It eats me up and really depresses me. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.
Perhaps the reason that huge natural disasters happen is to inspire generosity, kindness, perserverance, & co-operation and to remind people that life is precious and should be treasured.