Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We live in Cliffornia.

I can't wait for this fella and my camera to get home from San Diego today.  
They've been at a trade show for CliffTech forever and I've missed them both tremendously!


Kayla Burns Floyd said...

Awww, I know how that feels... my husband was MIA for 10 WEEKS this summer at his internship... :( I'm sure the reunion will be so sweet it will make you want another little sojourn apart... ;)

Tammie said...

Hopefully the trip will be so successful, that your sacrifice will be worth it! Go CliffTech!!

Kelley said...

you two are so sweet!!!

Auntie Mary said...

Lol...making myself laugh over here...when I saw the title of this post, I thought about our email conversation and just knew this was going to be a long sensitive post about why you live in California...whew! Kind of happy to see that it is about the Cliff Meister. Glad he's home agan!

Love you