Monday, April 4, 2011


Mid week last week Cliff visited his parents for his mom's birthday.  
He came home with a box wrapped in old newspaper and said it was a wedding gift.    

A handwritten note from Cliff's dad's (his name is Cliff too) grandmother is tucked inside.  Grandmother Irby gifted them the WM Rogers & Son silverplate for a wedding gift years after the fact.   Cliff was a boy when they received it.  Better late than never, right!

The little details are so sweet.  
The pattern is called April and a quickie web search revealed an advertisement for it.
Luxury silverplate at Why wait prices!  Love that!

I think we'll use it this Thanksgiving!
Hope you have a wonderful week full of treasures. 


katy said...

That's gorgeous, and I love the note. I've inherited a few things that still have handwritten notes to the original recipient. The paper is cracked and yellowed, but I think they are so special!

Summer Says... said...

What a neat heirloom! I love that you already have a use in mind for it. I inherited some milkglass pieces from my dad's mom and they sit in my mom's china hutch. I'm going to make a point of using them soon - that's the whole point, right?

Tammie said...

That is precious! Perhaps she wanted to make sure the marriage was sound before she gave such a gift. Little old ladies are a unique breed sometimes.

Auntie Mary said...

Such a special gift...that is really sweet.

Kimberly said...

Way too pretty to sit in a box until next Novemeber!

Get out some candles and some pretty plates and have a fancy schmancy din din with your hubby :)