Friday, April 29, 2011

In Photos

I've just scrolled through my photos on my phone and they are all so happy.  

The new bolsters and zafus at the studio.  
They look like candy!

In downtown San Jose.
Laying on the concrete (in a plaza, not the street or anything) between some buildings on a break from the seminar I was in.
Flowers from when I was sick last week.  A gift from my love.
And this crazy little dude!  It's like leaves were growing out the top of it.
Cliff trimming his beard, me being silly.
My gf Amanda's little pup, Taz.  Amanda gave her a bath in the lacylike foaming hand soap (yeap, it's safe for pets and puppy approved).  She was all shivery until I scooped her up in a blanket and then she was super happy!
Ned in one of his favorite spots, the middle of the bed. 
A smile cake pop from my gf Nikki.  I finally got to experience a cake pop!

I love camera phones.  
Have the best weekend ever! 


Tammie said...

I love the colors of the bolsters, but I have never heard of Zafus. I guess they are the pillows that do not look like rolls. I love the photo of your feet! I would lay down and take foot photos with you anywhere. I was checking out the store earlier, but I did not look at the hand soap yet. Heads up though, you do not have a description for the Sexy Cinnamon bath salts. I was curious about it. Look for an order soon!

Compliments of Grandma B said...

Tazzie, my love, made your blog! I'm honored. P.S. she's always excited to take her bath with lacylike :) so fresh and so clean, clean!

Vic said...

i tooooo love my camera phone! these shots are just so great! the shaving always gets me because i'm called in when he can't reach a spot, so i may just have to get silly like this instead of mad....and start laughing my ass off at him:) taking pics:)