Monday, April 25, 2011

On the mend!

Hello World!

My goodness that flu is not messing around.  I was literally in bed all day, every day since Thursday.  I'm not even kidding, it was ugly.  I've moved into the ever so delightful symphony of sounds phase.  Times like these make me very thankful that Cliff is a paramedic, it takes an awful lot to gross him out.

Thought I'd start the week with a few highlights of what else has been happening lately!

The highlight of last week was a package from Mema that included a Polariod camera with carrying case!  It's in perfect condition.  I can't wait to order some film!

Our love calla lilly had finally bloomed!  Cliff bought it for me years ago when we were dating in a teensy tiny pot and when we moved into our place we planted it out back.  Years of growing and getting stable and it's finally in full flower. Sounds like a metaphor for love, doesn't it.

My tobeadored print is finally framed and living large over our bed.  It's self indulgence in the best kind of way.  Cliff tells us both good night sometimes, it's pretty cute. 

We were afraid our Hinge had kitty diabetes but she came home from the vet last week with a with a clean bill of health!  Whew!

And I sent a sweet little lacylike album creation out into the world.

I'm off to see how my Kale chips are baking up. MMMM!

Talk to ya tomorrow!


Tammie said...

I am so glad that you are on the mend and that Hingey is in the clear!! I hope your chips turned out yummy!

E. Charlotte said...

What a dear post! I love the lily. A very good symbol of love and how it grows. :) I've always wanted a Polaroid camera too! How much fun! :) I hope you are all better very soon!

Auntie Mary said...

OMG! I promptly called Mema and guess what? She's giving me one too!!! Yippee! This was a fun post and I'm glad to know that you are feeling better. That flu is nothing to mess with. Love you!

Auntie Mary said...

Umm...I called Mema about the camera in case that was a big mystery to you. :-)

spindelmaker said...

Hope you´ll feel very much better very soon!
Do they still sell Polaroid-films? I thought they stopped making them years ago?
Your picture above the bed looks beautiful!!!

Kayla said...

Oooo, la, la! Hello bombshell!

Summer Says... said...

I'm glad to read you are feeling better!

Your picture is as stunning today as when you first shared it. Absolutely gorgeous, Lacy.

Michelle said...

You and Cliff dated in a teensy pot? How bendy flex of you... and the rest of us were just doing dinner and a movie.