Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Round the studio

I spend most of my days in a beautiful studio that I helped to create. 
I spend most of my days basked in the details of life that make it oh so special.  
Today I captured a few of the details that were smiling at me.

Vacation waiting for you in the fridge. 

Sweet little Buddha waiting to greet you as you sign in. 

The most amazing blue glass bottles and our new logo bottle that just arrived.  Seriously Cliff and I swear water tastes better out of these, softer, nicer, just amazing.  I want to give these bottles to everyone I know, they are that good.  The story behind them and the science of water in them is so moving. 

Spring is showing itself in flowers all over Breathe and I just love this little nook of spices. AAAAnd there's that tea house wall of green glass tile that is undeniably amazing!

flowers and spice

My favorite part about (ok just one of them) Curly Girl cards is that every gal reacts to them the same way.  They must be read out loud, audible laughs or Awwww's and then I must have's soon follow.
cards and statues

Today Josiah made me this amazing strawberry and mint delight (I am wishing I would have asked what it's called now, much like a smoothie only WAY better) served with a spoonful of honey, lemon, ginger ice.   If ever there was a Tea House that you needed to visit, it's this one.  We've found the most amazingly talented people to create culinary delights.  And you won't want to miss me in my apron on Saturdays!  Seriously, it's smoothie and a show time!
tea house

Best part is, I get to go back tomorrow!


Auntie Mary said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of he studio with us. I want something from the teahouse. I hope you get to wear your sexy apron on Saturdays. :-)

Summer Says... said...

When the Woo Girls visit CA (it will happen, I believe it!), I want a Strawberry mint better-than-a-smoothie with honey, lemon, ginger ice. Nothing has sounded so refreshing in a very long time.

With Style and Grace said...

What a fabulous post, miss Lacy!! I need to try this smoothie - can't wait to see you rockin' that anthro apron on Saturday! xo

Tammie said...

Strawberry smoothie sounds delicious! Maybe it did not have a name yet. Perhaps you were a test subject!