Monday, April 18, 2011

Work in Progress

Were you thinking I'd say me?  Well of course I am in progress but so is the latest lacylike addition to my herbal line!  It among other fabulous newbies will be for sale soon in the store.

xo from creation station! 
Hope your Monday has been fabulous!


ciberia said...


Auntie Mary said...

Congrats! I hope they sell well. Cute labels.

the girl said...

yay! mat spray! can't wait to purchase. my mat could use some love.

Cara Linn said...

mmmm I'm sold on ANYTHING with tea tree oil. My grandmother used it for EVERYTHING growing up. Ear ache? Cotton ball with tea tree oil on it. Infected boo-boo? Put some tea tree oil on it!

Can't wait for it to be in the store. My new married apartment will definitely need some.

Kelley said...

love the new product!!! yay for lacylike!!