Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lacy Loves

Welcome to a brand new series on Lacylike:  lacy loves!  
Completely appropriate don't you think!
Here are a few fun things that are catching my eye recently.

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Suit - 
this looks like stripes done right to me! It would so be my bathing suit pick for this year if-- you know I actually needed a new suit (which I don't ) and was going to spend over 100 bucks on swimwear (which I won't).  Otherwise it would totally be mine :)

 Water For Elephants - 
While there is some enormously painful animal cruelty scenes for those of us who loves animals this is the sweetest love story I've seen in a long time.  And the two beautiful people playing these roles don't hurt either!  Seriously easy on the eyes.  Naturally, Cliff now wants an elephant. 

Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa + Fried Egg-
With Style and Grace's latest recipe is AMAZING.  Lisa says she could eat it all the time, I completely agree.  It's amazing!  She's amazing!

THE Beach!
Us sitting on the beach.  This will always be a lacy loves.  It's my absolute favorite thing...EVER. 

My favorite drink these past few weeks is sparkling water in a wine glass with raspberries floating around.  Refreshing and it feels special. I love their tag line Return To Good.

Alternative's Pink Collection
Beautiful basics in pink for a beautiful cause and I just adore the photograph styling.

So what about you?  What's catching your eye this week?  What do you love?  Wish you could do/have/see or experience?

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Kayla Burns Floyd said...

Love it! I adored the book Water for Elephants but haven't had time to see the movie yet. Too busy working on one of your other faves...getting myself to the BEACH!!

With Style and Grace said...

Ah, I just saw this and I LOVE it!! Thank you, thank you for linking me, I'm so honored!! sending my love your way, xo ~L

Tammie said...

I just got some really cute, comfortable, and well okay, expensive, red heels! (Don't judge me, I've been looking for shoes fitting this description for over a year!) I also really really love my Tangerine Lip Service Herbal Lip Balm!