Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lacy Loves

Trader Joe's Lemon Bars
What's not to love!  Just thaw and enjoy.  Tart, crumbly, amazing.  Oh so good!  To be fair these are Cliff's fave but they totally make the list!

Ridge Wines!  Seriously the best bottle of $20 something wine you can buy.  Fave lately is the Sonoma County Three Valleys

Korres Natural Mascara is fantastic!  
Easy to wash off, layer, I just like it! 
I've wanted Vibrams for a while and a wicked good deal at REI has 5 fingers on my 10 toes, lacy likes indeed!

What are you loving lately?


Han said...

We had come macadamia cookies that my colleague brought back from Trader Joe's in Chicago - loved them which is strange because I don't really like nuts lol.

We need a Trader Joe's here in the UK would be so good!

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

I'm loving that it's almost my 30th birthday and that my husband has another job interview on friday. Lol.

No, really, that's what I'm loving.

Tammie said...

I am loving my Quelle Spinache and Swiss Quiche! (It was out of stock for weeks, and they just got it in.)

Tammie said...

I am hating typos!

Quiet Violet said...

Smurf toes!