Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday we hosted our first Be The Change Fundraiser for Japan Relief.  
It was incredible.

We had origami birds flying on a Japanese Maple in the lobby.

A Japanese Tea Ceremony

Prayers for Japan on our Shinto Tree.  They will all be mailed to a village in Northern Japan and translated and then handed out in the community. 


Courtney and Josiah served Raw desserts and amazing cocktails!
Courtney is cutting up raw brownies.
Josiah is holding Aloe Vera shots!

There were long arm photos... 
oop too close!

That's better!  
This is Amanda, she's our marketing genius!
 And my love.
Who also served goodies to our guests :)

And of course, Jennifer our fearless leader.

We had a raffle and silent auction to benefit Japan.  Lacylike was represented and may I say ---I was touched by how many tickets were dropped into the bag to win the lacylike basket. 

Of course the bathrooms were equipped with the newest of the lacylike line, my foaming handsoaps!

 You can see more photos of the event at the Breathe Los Gatos facebook page.  I didn't get a good picture of Mr Shin but he was there too with his crew serving sushi!  I am honored to be a part of such a profoundly loving and giving community.



Vic said...

looked like an incredible time:) i love that you have your own soaps!!! xoxo

Lyndi said...

Love the tea ceremony. Love to hear more about what you did for that. The whole time seems like tons of fun! :)

Auntie Mary said...

Looks like it was a very nice event. So glad to see all your fun and cool products represented!

Baby Lux Design said...

geez...I'm behind. you've been one busy girl! congrats on all your new product. I'm loving your labels! gonna have to order me some goodies!

p.s. you we're VERY missed at artfest this year!!!