Friday, May 6, 2011

That little voice in my head.

I've been doing lots of thinking about that little voice in my head. It's different than the little whisper inside.  The little whisper is my intuition and it's always right.  ALWAYS!  The little whisper is lovely, well mannered, well intending, well dressed.  The little voice however is mostly wrong and actually can be quite rude.  It never shuts up.

You've got one of those little voices too, it just said "yeap I'm here or No, she doesn't know what she is talking about!"  Either way it just chimed in somehow.  Sometimes I feel like I can quiet it but even then it says-- "hey why are we being quiet here?"  Usually I just thank it for sharing and move along in my day but sometimes it stops me dead in my tracks and paralyzes me with fear and doubt and those old familiar warn out tapes come rushing back in... oh you know them, you've heard them too in some form or another.  They go something like this... You're not good enough! Who are you to think you could do this or that?

The moment I start to let that little voice get to me my mood completely changes.  I mean complete and total turn around.  One moment the world is beautiful and the next it's too damn hot and I am so tired I can hardly stand it.  So then what?  Stop. Pause. Get Present.  Breathe.  Hi Lacy, how are you?  Really?  Thank that little voice for sharing and move along.  You are not those old tapes.  And then the words of good ole Stuart Smalley pop into my mind and I'm back.

Any of this ring a bell for you?  I'd just like to say that YOU are good enough, YOU are smart enough, and doggone it, I like you.

Let Friday Begin!


Summer Says... said...

Dear friend, your timing is impecable. That voice was just giving me grief over RSVPing as a party of 1 to a family-based gathering last night and it woke me up mouthing again this morning.

Vic said...

this is exactly brain won't stop and i can't sleep at night because of it...just turn off for a minute so i can get some sleep would ya? this is perfectly written and you my friend are fabulous! xo enjoy the weekend

E. Charlotte said...

And I like you too! I know that little voice. Goodness does she drive me nuts. I used to think she was wise! But then I realized she's just a gossip. And it feels so good now to look at her, say "Thanks, but no Thanks" and keep on trucking. :)

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

I know exactly what you mean sis... I just feel so lucky to have come to the point in life where we CAN tell the difference between the two. Just poke that annoying voice in the ribs and start humming a tune with the lovely whisper of your intuition.

And remember, gosh darn it, I like you!