Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sunday found us in the car headed to the coast for a little salt water reset.  
 We stopped in Half Moon Bay at a huge nursery!
We saw amazing peonies

and colors so bright.

Then we made our way to wander around down town and found ourselves at the wine & cheese shop where they serve wine in beakers.

One day we'll have a room like this... it will either be a library or wine cellar but either way there will be a ladder on a rail and I will fly around the room on it.

And when I couldn't stand the poison oak itch anymore we headed to the ocean.

Soaking, soaking, still soaking...

Ahhh sweet relief!  Trust me when I say that you do not want to get poison oak or ivy or the like.  I feel like I want to rub my legs on a tree like a bear scratching his back.      

I never get tired of seeing sea side succulents.  So lovely.

Have I said lately that Sunday is my very favorite day of the week?


chelseybell. said...

poison ivy or oak or sumac--they all suck! i get bug bites massively bad during the summer, so I feel your itchy pain.

but, at least you got to see some pretty flowers :).

Kristin said...

I too want a room with a ladder you can swing around a room on!

Tammie said...

I have wanted a library room with a ladder since I was a little girl!! I Want to buy the books and put them only the shelves only after I have read them. It's my someday....

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

You poor thing!! As someone who gets bit by mosquitos all the time, I absolutely HATE itching!

I can't wait to share an adventure and a glass of wine with you sometime soon... I'm putting lots of hope and good intention out into the universe that the opportunity will arise.

Love you big time.

Baby Lux Design said...

so funny- I've always wanted a sliding ladder too- ever since I watched bed knobs and broomsticks (one of my favorite flicks as a kid)
you kids look like you have loads of fun on Sunday! xo