Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warm Pizza

Reason #937 why Ned is cool.
He keeps the pizza warm.

p.s. I assure you I am not at all like this crazy cat lady.  That has to be a joke right?


Tammie said...

When I worked cleaning houses. There was a house with 11 cat boxes in what should have been the formal living room. The formal dining room was full of cat beds, cat towers, and cat toys. The owners were home once when we came to clean. They were at the kitchen table eating chicken, and there were cats on the table eating off of their plates and out of their hands. They asked if we would like some lunch. We said, "No thank you."
That cat lady may not be a joke, but there is someone out there for her. Crazy cat people need love too.

spindelmaker said...

Ha, ha, ha... one of the best reasons for keeping a cat!
That and keeping the mice away :-) (I´m kind of old-fashioned that way)

chelseybell. said...

that picture is the best!