Saturday, July 23, 2011


My little sister is here and is doing a proper job of documenting her visit at her blog.  The magic of what a laptop can do.  Thanks for bearing with me while I am still laptopless.  I know my blogging has been less than inspiring and Kayla gave me a proper lashing over my last post.  Something to the effect of -- I know you love your cat and all but that post did nothing for me.  HA!  Point taken so I'll gladly direct you to her place for fun photos. 



Kayla Burns Floyd said...

Awww, I love you and your cat sister. Hahaha. I just think maybe you think he's a wee bit cuter than the rest of the world. But he's adorable. I promise.

Auntie Mary said... so And remind your lovely sister that it's YOUR blog...just sayin

Tammie said...

So glad that you two are having a fun visit! I liked the photo of Ned. It made me think of how simple it can be to be happy!

Vic said...

ur always a blast and we can {can't} certainly wait to hear all about it when u get le laptop back:) i love ur cat too!:)