Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Over the weekend we watched Forks over Knives and loved it so much we had Kayla and Brian watch it too.  It's POWERFUL!  This documentary turned my milk and meat loving man into a near Vegan in a matter of hours.

Over the coming weeks I'll be documenting the changes around here.  Up first... M I L K.  Cliff grew up in the era where milk was "natures perfect food." As a baby I was allergic to milk so I never developed a taste for it and don't drink it now but Cliff loves milk in his coffee!

May you feel energetic and free all the days of your life!


Cate Levings said...

So cute. Miss you two. Coconut milk in coffee is the bombbbbbb!!!!
"damn that's good" love it, hehe

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

LOVE IT! I had a rice milk latte yesterday and it was de-li-cious. I feel kinda lucky...I didn't even have to do the taste test and I picked the best one.

Experimented with eating oatmeal for breakfast today since I had to give up my greek yogurt. NOT a winner. I'll let you know what I come up with next.

Can't wait to "see" more of your FOK journey. Loving the videos. Inspiring me to pull out the flip. :)

Baby Lux Design said...

funny...the hub and I watched it about a month ago and have been vegetarian ever since. along with no high fructose corn syrup etc. etc....never felt better in my life!