Thursday, October 13, 2011

If we could remove words

from the English language.  I'd remove:

It just feels all judgey and critical and I think we could all do with much less of both.

What word would you give the boot?



Summer Says... said...

Should is a great choice. I would remove "perfect." It's too much pressure, too unattainable as a goal, but far too often, perfect is an expectation we cannot reach leading to disappointment. Perhaps if the word did not exist, this Type A person would feel better about not reaching it and would try more new things! :-)

Han said...

Words that hurt people and cause offence

Tammie said...

Stupid. That word has always bothered me. It is nothing but negative.

the girl said...

CAN'T! i would kick CAN'T to the curb!

JenCoen said...

Hate. I do not allow that word to enter my home. I have raised my kids to know that you are allowed to strongly dislike something, but you can not Hate anything... it's a waste of time and energy.