Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There you are.

I'm a sap. OR as I prefer to call it a deeply connected, sympathetic, empathetic soul who will absolutely without question sit and cry at your beautiful story or tragic rendition of a life tale. Recently, I was talking with a new friend about how he came to find his love. He'd all but given up and resigned himself to the life he'd built as an artist spending his days at home painting with his cat as his trusty sidekick. He'd decided that he WAS happy and that was that.  He had me roped in already.  Minus the painting part this story sounded a lot like the story of my love and what he went through on the journey to me.

This is the part where I tell you how their "meet cute" turned into a beautiful love story. Except that I don't even remember that part of the story. What I remember is the shape his face took as he described how lonely life was until they met. How he'd never found the one and refused to settle. I remember the way his eyes welled up into puddles on the verge of racing down his face.  His chin quivered ever so slightly as he started to talk about that time in his life over a decade ago when things changed. When their eyes met, when the conversation began, he took a deep breath and said there you are.

There. You. Are.

That kind of knowing is a gift. That kind of love and recognition that your person is right there in front of you... it leaves me speechless with a stupid grin on my face every time.

And they did (and still do) live happily ever after.


the girl said...

aw, jeeze. that was a doozy! maybe even little ol' me will have a big new story like that one someday. :)

Molly said...

doozy indeed but the best kind! we all have the chance to have a story like that someday :) thanks for sharing miss lacy. xoxo

candice said...

okay so speaking of your "There you are" How is Cliff doing with the non dairy non meat diet? I adored the "takes like a hemp bag, with sugar" video. Please keep us posted!!