Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From meat eater to experimental vegan.

an update on Cliff and his diet/ lifestyle changes!  Proof positive living with a health coach partner causes a ripple effect of healthy living. : )  It helps that I have a totally willing partner up for anything.

Tell me, tell me, where are you on your journey to healthy living?  There's still time to join our group coaching session if you're looking to change your relationship with food and feel empowered from the inside out!

Happy Tuesday!


Kelley said...


cocosparkle said...

How inspiring! My husband and I started the 30 Day Vegan Challange after watching Forks over Knives, 9 days ago and I feel great already and have no cravings for cheese (I thought that would be the hardest!) I love hearing about others making the switch!

Han said...

I've not gone Vegan but I have cut down what I eat - I have an app on my phone to track the calories - and some of it's guess work rather than an actual science.

I've lost 1.5 kg so far - I'm aiming for about 10kg total - I think I've lost some of it too fast so I need to deal with that but other than that it seems to be going well.