Tuesday, November 1, 2011

His name was Napoleon

and he was loved until his last breath.

Today I was in the car driving and a women in big hurry nearly ran into me.  She saw me at the last second and jerked her big boat of a Mercedes back into her lane.  When the coast was clear she floored it and jumped in front of me.  I'm always amazed at how one car length equals victory.  As she accelerated she ran over a little brown Chihuahua that was crossing the 4 lanes of traffic.  She kept going.  As I gasped in horror he rolled so quickly towards my car, I swerved and still couldn't avoid him.  I screamed out NOOOOO as I turned my car around, got out and ran to the little pup.  My body was shaking uncontrollably.  Tears poured from my face as I talked to the little brown love.  I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry and he was already gone.

A man who lives across the street saw the whole thing unfold came out to console me.  "Please don't lose it he said, it was not your fault.  You are ok.  You are ok.  Ma'am are you ok?"  I rotated the thin leather collar to find his tags, Napoleon. His name was Napoleon and his phone number was there too.  The man called Napoleon's dad and told him the story.  I sat on the side of the road, my face now stained with mascara, my eyes burning, my body still shaking and we waited.

When Napoleon's dad arrived I hugged him and said "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm so sorry there wasn't more I could do, I'm so very sorry" and he replied with "I'm sorry you had to experience that, thank you for waiting with him." We cried together, he picked up his dog and we parted ways.
Today I learned again as if for the first time:
There are two kinds of people in this world--- Those who stop and those who keep going.
Those who come out from their homes to lend support and those who close the curtains.
Crossing the road is dangerous.
All life is precious. 
And most of all, tears are the only true universal language.     


JenCoen said...

I am so sorry Lacy. That is such a sad story, but thank you for sharing.

Tammie said...

I had a similar experience about a year ago. I had stopped in the road becasue there was a frightened, and hesitant dog in the road. A car swerved around me and hit it just as he decided to go ahead and run across. They never even slowed down, and I got out trying to catch the dog, but it ran howling into the woods by the road. I had to give up chasing him, but I said a prayer that his injuries would heal, and he would make it home. Every time I see an animal in or near the road, I wonder if he made it.

Tammie said...

When Jeane was pregnant with Dustin, she brought home a dead kitten. It had run out in front of her car in the dark. She found the owners, but they told her she could just drop it in the trash. She was horrified by their disregard, and she brought it home so it could be buried.

Kelley said...

You are amazing lacy! Thank you for sharing your story. I have tears in my eyes.

Summer Says... said...

This story breaks my heart - for Napoleon, Napoleon's family and for you. As the mom of a sweet blonde chihuahua, I am thankful you are a person who stops.

Han said...

Oh honey :( I'm so sorry you went through all that :(

On the other hand thank you for waiting that other lady was so mean for driving off :(

A few years ago we were on the way to the carol service in one of the villages near where we live - a hedgehog was crossing the street and stopped in front of my car - I tried to slow so that I could avoid it but from 40mph to near stand still was a challenge I freaked because I thought I'd hit it and CJ and my brother kept winding me up because I was shaken by it - how mean

Megan said...

I'm so sorry for your experience, but I'm so glad you shared.

I think there is something very powerful about being the type of person who stops. Taking the time to put all selfish cares aside to tend to another living thing in need reveals a lot about a person's character.

Lauren said...

Ohhh, I just got really teary eyed. Thank you for sharing. It's so nice to be reminded how many good people there are in this world.

Kier's Serendipity said...

I'll be honest, I just got a lot teary reading this post. Thank you for being you--this world needs more people like you!