Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling completely in your skin!

The response to Campaign for Confidence has been wildly warm and positive.  As with any campaign there is of course both sides and a recent conversation left me wondering, it it too much to ask women to get naked for confidence?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

You can choose to be nearly bare
or more covered.  The choice is yours.
 photos by tobeadored

The experience of shedding your clothing layers and dawning fruit is powerful!  Yes it will make you smile and giggle which is an added bonus but it will also make you feel some amazing things...  At first you feel like OH---- WHY AM I DOING THIS? WOW- I didn't realize it was this cold in here. and then you arrange your fruit or veggies and the first photo is taken.  Ok- I'm breathing.  I'm naked and she's taking pictures of me.  And then another photo and then something happens.  You're present.  Your shoulders relax, the fruit and vege falls perfectly into place and for a moment
you feel beautiful.
You feel powerful.
You feel completely in your skin.
Now you're turning your head like a super model, chin up, chin down, little smirk, big smile... you've got it.  And then it's done.  We've got the photo. You look stunning and you're not ready for it to end.  Your whole energy has changed from the moment you first walked in.  You're lighter now.  You're sure of yourself.  You beam with pride!  I did it!  Who knew I'd do something like this. But I DID IT!   Because by now you've realized how authentic it was.  How beautiful you felt and how you're changed from having gone from naked and vulnerable to powerful in your own skin.

This is a ride you want to get on.
You won't be sorry you did.

Won't you join us?  Email me your photo, age and what you love about your body or want to love about your body.  I'll put you against a white background so take your photos against something white or light (the fridge, a door, curtains,  a wall etc).

With love and gratitude for this skin I'm in.


Molly said...

It is indeed ALL of that Lacy! Being a somewhat shy and pretty modest woman, I was so amazed at how liberating, empowering and fun it was.
So... it is NOT too much.

the girl said...

my campaign photo shoot was exhilarating, personal, and beautiful! i DID want to do more, so i took all that adrenaline and enthusiasm, and started recruiting. i'm so proud of my moms for joining the campaign, and look forward to getting to the friends and family who are ready for their glorious produce close up!

Kayla Burns Floyd said...

I had to laugh reading your account of your photos because mine was definitely similar...minus the photographer offering any help! I used the auto timer on my camera so it was a comedy of running back and forth topless in my little condo to re-press the button, re-don my veggies, and then try to not look like a complete goof ball. It was so fun!!

As someone who has battled body image issues her whole life, it was very empowering to participate in something like this, especially at this time when I have finally lovingly embraced the curves and the curls for all their beauty.