Thursday, March 22, 2012

And on the 7th day_A free juice cleanse!

I set out to do 3 days juice cleansing and 3 felt so good I did 3 more (Steel Magnolias anyone?  Truvy: In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.)  Yesterday was day 6 and now on this 7th day I've decided to offer a free cleanse for all those who would like to join in on the juice feast!

Yeap, F R E E.  Recipes, support, a schedule, ideas on substitutions and how to make it work for you, a little commiserating on what you might be feeling and experiencing.  

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Fri, March 30/ Sat, March 31/ Sun, April 1


3-day juice cleanse!  A time for renewal, to loose a few lbs, to REset, to learn about your body, about whole foods and juices!  To welcome Spring and clean your internal house!

You'll need:

A dose of can do.

A juicer.  This is my favorite though you don't have to start with an expensive juicer if this is your first time experimenting with juicing!

Time to take it easy and listen to your body.  If you're a *caffeine drinker or eat mostly processed foods you might experience some withdrawals + headaches and it's super helpful to be able to lay down, nap, etc... 

*it's helpful to start weaning yourself off the caffeine now.  It will make it so much easier come day 1 of the cleanse.  Try using 1/2 the amount of coffee you normally do per cup or start subbing in green tea when you'd typically have that 2nd cup of coffee.

Optional- a blender to make nut milks

Glass Jars for storing your juice.

I'll post up a shopping list next week in prep!  Here's to your very best you and the power of juice!
Excited to share this with you all!

Love and Green Juice!


Megan said...

Ahh! I'd LOVE to join! I borrowed a juicer from a friend a while back but I had no idea what I was doing so my recipes tasted like poo. I'd love to give it another go. Off to see if I can re-borrow... :)

Mandy said...

Yay! So excited for this!

nicky said...

Gorgeous website. I will join you in the cleanse...I have started making juices and salads for singles/couples/families, so have all the necessary "bits". I am, however in Sydney, Australia. I'll be a juice or two ahead!!!

Han said...

I love the idea I'm not sure if I can do it though.... Might have to see if our juicer will keep up to it.

I played Clairee in a stage version of Steel Magnolias - we did it for one of our assessment pieces as we were a nearly all girl group (The one lad in our group co-directed with our drama teacher). At the end the house lights came up and we saw that we'd reduced one of the deputy heads of the school to tears........

Ingrid said...

What about those of us who have low blood sugar? I eat 5 - 6 smaller meals a day to keep my blood sugar even, is juicing kind to that sort of schedule?

lacy said...

Absolutely! One of the schedules I'm including has 8 drinks a day!
:) Lacy

lacy said...

Nicky, LOVE that you're making healthy foods and juices for people! That is so valuable! Happy to have you a few juices ahead when the cleanse begins! :) Lacy

Erin said...

My friends are loaning me their juicer so I can participate!! I'm so looking forward to this.

Sue said...

any issues using a vitamix vs traditional juicer?

lacy said...

Hi Sue! The difference between a juicer and blender is that the juicer removes the fiber making it easier for the body to absorb and process the nutrients. So yes, you'll need a juicer but the Vitamix is PERFECT for making nut milks! If you don't have a juicer I suggest you put out a message on FB, lots of people have been finding loaner juicers that way! To your health! :) Lacy

Tammy said...

Ready for the shopping list.